Who are we?

Since our inception formerly as GALE BC in 1990, we have been a small group of committed educators who have been responsible for the initiative, development, implementation, and advocacy of numerous resources, workshops, policies and actions in British Columbia, across Canada and even internationally. As many of our founding and core members are now retired or moved on to other endeavours, we continue to exist as a facilitator of information for educators, students, and parents. Over the years, our members have provided input to numerous support and resource organizations that now have more resources and capacity to support our community. Please visit the following organizations for further support and information:

BCTF LGBTQ2S+ Action Group

SOGI 123 (BC)

Out in Schools



Pflag Canada

Our Mission

Pride Education Network  advocates for an inclusive, respectful environment for all students, staff and families, regardless of their actual or perceived sexual  orientation and/or gender identity, within all B.C. educational institutions, through the development of  concrete supports, policies, resources and actions.

Statement of Purpose

The primary focus of Pride Education Network is to advocate--on behalf of students, parents, teachers, staff, and administrators--for systemic change in the educational system which will result in a positive environment in education, regardless of actual or perceived sexual orientation/expression.

Pride Education Network is Committed to:

(LGBTQ+: lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*/two-spirited, queer/questioning)

• Having information on LGBTQ+ people included in the curriculum, pre-school through post-secondary

• Ensuring that resources accurately portray the achievements and contributions of LGBTQ+ people

• Providing positive LGBTQ+ role models for all youth

• Bringing issues and concerns of LGBTQ+ youth to the attention of educators and the general public

• Ensure that teacher training includes information on LGBTQ+ issues

• Ensure that schools provide a safe and inclusive environment for all

• Provide information on the legal rights to LGBTQ+ educators

• Increasing awareness of discrimination and harassment on the basis of sexual orientation

• Supporting HIV/AIDS awareness and education in schools

• Stopping homophobic slurs, violence and intolerance towards LGBTQ+ people in educational settings

To Meet Our Goals of Fostering Change Within the School System,

Pride Education Network Recommends the Following Objectives:

1. Professional Development training for all staff on LGBTQ+ issues

2. Programs, workshops and presentations on homophobia, transphobia, and heterosexism

3. Specific training for counsellors on LGBTQ+ issues

4. LGBTQ+ resources in classrooms and libraries

5. Effective non-harassment and anti-discrimination policies

6. Recognition and integration of LGBTQ+ issues throughout the curriculum

7. Clubs that deal with issues of equity and diversity

8. LGBTQ+ staff and/or supportive staff members to act as resource people on LGBTQ+ issues